8 Ball Frenzy

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8 Ball Frenzy

Arkade Karten & Brett

8 Ball Frenzy – Master your trick shots and improve your game

Be an 8-ball champion with this Pool simulation game developed by Bulldog Interactive. This is a great way to enjoy US 8 ball pool for free, and

is available for download as one of our sport arcade games, along with Billiard Masters and Free 8 Ball Pool, so why not add it to your collection?


8 Ball Frenzy is a billiards game that brings the best of US 8 Ball Pool to your PC, meaning there’s no need to leave the comfort of your home to go out and play pool as 8 Ball Frenzy is the a great interactive and popular billiard game for the PC. You can enjoy unlimited gameplay as you attempt to pot all of the balls before your opponent does, taking on the challenge of a realistic pool hall. You take complete control over your shots as you decide where to strike the cue ball and how hard.

The view as you play 8 Ball Frenzy is taken from above the pool table so you can clearly see the layout of all of the balls as you decide where you would like to place your shot. You can also clearly see where the other balls end up after you have taken your shot, allowing you to plan your next move just as you would in a real pool hall. As well as the traditional 8 ball pool games, you can choose to attempt challenges such as trick shots to prove your skill. Play against the computer and become the 8-ball pool champion over a variety of difficulty levels, allowing the game to grow with you as you get better and better.

Features of 8 Ball Frenzy

Why choose 8 Ball Frenzy? Here we list the main features of 8 Ball Frenzy so you can see if this game is one for you!

· Realistic US 8 ball pool games

· Unlimited gameplay

· Full table aerial view

· Trick shot challenges

· Total control over your shots

· Various levels of difficulty

· Brilliant graphics

· Realistic sound effects

· Play against the computer

There’s no better way to play pool than with 8 Ball Frenzy, so why not?

System Anforderungen

Windows XP/Vista/7

700 MHz

RAM 256 MB


Spiel Funktionen

Brilliant graphics and sound effects

Realistic gameplay


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