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Ladies and gentleman, start your engines! Turn up the volume and settle back for the ride of your life with our classic selection of PC downloadable car games. Sit down, buckle up and spin those wheels as you slip into the driving seat and show your rivals how it’s done.

If you want to unleash your need for speed and be top dog, our download car games is a petrol head’s paradise on four wheels and two. Take the turbo to the limit in Nuclear Bike and Nuclear Bike 2, go for a sun drenched drive while avoiding the police in Rich Cars 2 Adrenalin Rush or seek and destroy in an awesome tank in Combat Wheels.

With no adverts and 100% safe downloads with no viruses, malware of spyware, download car games with My Real Games and enjoy the best adrenaline rush on the web. All car games are full length – it’s time to go full throttle.

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