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Mario Games

Everyone loves Mario Games, having hit the gaming scene back in the eighties they took the world by storm and are still incredibly popular with today’s gamers too. This is why at My Real Games we have an awesome selection of Mario games just for you! You can relive your youth or just get that much needed fix of Mario fun any time of the day, and the good news is, you can download and play them online for free.

Our wicked collection of Mario games includes classic platform levels where you have to run, jump and collect items to complete the level, like Marios Adventures of Infinite Mario. If you’re a lover of the great Mario Cart then you’re in luck. We’ve got a cracking version that sees you pitted against three enemy racers to find out who will be crowned winner of the racing track.

With My Real Games, we have so much on offer for online games, so if Mario is your thing then look no further. However, if you fancy a little brain training we have an abundance of hidden object games and puzzle games, as well as action games and racing car games if that’s more your bag.

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