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Oh no not maths homework again! Maths is certainly not everybody’s favourite school subject, but with so many children love games why not take a look at our free math games to give them a little helping hand with those sums. They will have fun without even realising they are learning with our free online games, a win-win situation all round.

The beautifully illustrated Maxine is sure to appeal to children with its unicorns and villainous mosquitos, and for younger children the adorable creatures of Tiny Math Planets are bound to delight. If you like your math with a bit of an added adventure to it then be sure to check out Max H. Dark Forest – The Secret of Mathematics or Dr. Kai There are even a couple of games for those who think math is cruel and sport is cool, try Math Soccer and Skater Math.

With the ability to download free games from My Real Games, you will find there are no troublesome popup ads in the middle of your games to spoil your enjoyment, just download and play without any issues. So whether you are looking for a math game to test your ability or one to help boost confidence with simple sums then look no further because our free math games are sure to have exactly what you need.

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