Hiddenverse: Fate of Ariadna

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Hiddenverse: Fate of Ariadna

3-Gewinnt Puzzle Versteckte Objekte

It’s the final chapter of the saga of Ariadna, Seuss and their friends. The universe is on the verge of collapse - due to the actions of Ariadna, all worlds

have merged into one, and most of the heroes who tried to stop it have been destroyed! Just when it seems all is lost, the mighty Gustavo Ecko joins the remaining heroes and brings renewed hope to the universe! 

System Anforderungen

OS: Windows 7/8/10

CPU: 2.0 GHz

RAM: 1024 MB


Spiel Funktionen

A journey through different worlds and time eras

100+ levels with more than 20 game mechanics

Fascinating pair finding and match 3 gameplay

500 unique game tools


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