Knight Solitaire 3

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Knight Solitaire 3

Karten & Brett

Who will rescue the beautiful princess from her prison in the dark tower? A prince on a white horse? No! To open the castle's enchanted doors, all you have to do is complete 120 levels of the new Knight Solitaire 3! You had to fight the best knights in the kingdom for the title of Royal Tournament Champion. You overcame the great guard of the castle – an ancient dragon. Now the game's third installment brings you an adventure just as exciting – freeing a princess.

System Anforderungen

Windows 7/XP SP 2

1 GHz

512 MB RAM


Spiel Funktionen

Knight Solitaire 3 is for new players and experts alike!

Entertaining gameplay - make chains of cards

Get and use different bonuses,

do combos and get bonus rewards!


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