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Pretty Barbie Dress Up


Are you ready to test your stylish creativity?  Feel free to try Pretty Barbie Dress Up.  It is a great game for any young female to indulge them in. 

This game is absolutely free

and grants the player to dress up a Barbie model any way they can imagine.  Feel free to try many different styles of outfits with a variety of colors to choose from. 

Do you like long hair or short hair?  What about wavy and long? Do you prefer short and curly?  How about more exotic styles such as braids or different hair colors?  Do you prefer blonde, brunette, or a black-haired model?  It is all yours to choose from in these Barbie dress up games.  

There is a huge selection of clothes to choose from in this awesome game.  You can try out elegant dresses, high-heel shoes, boots or sandals.  It is as simple as drag and drops your selection on your model.  This game is a lot of fun that seems to happen very easily. 

Not only do you have all of these options but you also get to see your model pose in the catwalk lights with an inspiring melody in the background.  All of this together creates the fashion show atmosphere any young female child would love. 

Pretty Barbie Dress Up is an absolutely free game.  This game would be a great choice to add to any collection of games.  If you love this game feel free to come download any of our games for absolutely free at My Real Games.  If this doesn’t get you excited then nothing will. 

Lace up your boots, get your hair done, select a beautiful dress and get ready to show off your stylish creativity in this wonderfully made game.  This game is absolutely free to try on any computer.

System Anforderungen

Windows 2000/XP/Vista


512 MB RAM


Spiel Funktionen

New pretty model

Exclusive fashion collection


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