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Explore the halls of Malgray Castle and uncover its startling secrets in Vampireville, a unique visual investigation
with tongue-in-cheek twists. At the request of his boss, Michael Christensen is to appraise Malgray Castle for its sale after no heir has come forth over the past hundred years. The strange thing is that he isn't the first to be sent. Previous colleagues have disappeared, or returned completely insane, giving Michael pause on his new assignment, but things could be worse. He could be out of a job! Michael reluctantly agrees and soon finds himself in an unbelievable situation...

System Anforderungen

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8

CPU: 600 Mhz

RAM: 512 MB

DirectX: 8.1


Spiel Funktionen

Challenge enigmatic puzzles in over 20 captivating chapters

Get face-to-face with unearthly creatures

Fantastic graphics


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