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Make ice cream treats for customers and earn tips in this fun cooking game!


What Is Papa's Freezeria

Papa's Freezeria is the fourth installment of the Papa Louie restaurant management game series where you must run a dessert shop and serve delicious sweets and sundaes to customers. The game takes place on Calypso Island. In this game, you are responsible for a dessert restaurant while Papa Louie is away. Take orders from the customers and make the sweets exactly as their order without making any mistakes. You have to make the sundaes that customers want by pouring ice cream, adding syrups and mixes, blending the mixtures, and then adding toppings.

The ice cream shop has four different areas: the Order Station, Build Station, Mix Station, and Top Station. As a player, you’ll have to move between these areas of the restaurant in order to make your customers’ desired sundaes.

Your goal here is to keep the customers happy so that you will earn points to level up. As your level goes up, new toppings for the shop will be unlocked, and more people will come to the Freezeria. Well-crafted sundaes will earn players tips, and you can spend those tips on new upgrades and decorations for the shop’s lobby.

The gameplay is full of joy and easy to understand, so people of all ages can enjoy it. It's a fantastic game in the Papa game series. Let’s make Papa's Freezeria your unique ice cream paradise.


How To Play Papa's Freezeria

The game is easy to play, and you’ll have to multitask between the four areas of the shop to make delicious sundaes.

First, you have to select the character you want to play. You can play as either Albert or Penny and take orders from the customers at the Order Station. Next, you’ll move to the Build Station to pour ice cream and combine it with mixables for each sundae.

The next area you need to head to is the Mix Station. Here’s where you mix sundaes until they are blended just right at the level that your customers want.

Finally, jump to the Top Station to add whipped cream and toppings (don’t forget the cherry on top) before serving the dessert to your customer.

When playing Papa's Freezeria, you’ll find each station in the game a hands-on experience. Everything you have to do is drag, swipe, and click on or tap through the sundae-building process.

There will be challenging Closers and Food Critics visiting your shop to enjoy sundaes. They are picky customers and are likely to rate your sundaes with fewer points than other customers.


Is Papa's freezeria free?

Enjoy the frozen fun of Papa's Freezeria online for free! No downloads required, just hop online and start serving up delicious frozen treats to satisfy your virtual customers' cravings.