Kids play safe at My Real Games with few ‘in-app’ purchases leaving parents a costly surprise

Aug 05, 2016

Parents breathe a sigh of relief as gaming website My Real Games hosts a wide range of mobile titles with no hidden costs throughout, giving peace of mind when letting their children indulge in their entertainment habits. Totally free to play, in-app purchases are only offered on a small selection of the games available on the gaming platform, with only family friendly titles in a variety of genres available.

Children have always enjoyed playing digital games but rather than doing so on purpose built hand-held gaming devices, now many kids play on their parent’s smartphones and tablets. Although a favorable method for its portability and availability, allowing children to play on personal devices can be a worry for most, with many tempting in-app purchases available at a simple tap of a screen.

Nikolai Veselov from said, “Although many entertainment apps cost nothing to download, the ‘free to play’ aspect ends there. Lots of titles, aimed at children especially, ask for small but frequent in-app purchases to be made in order to proceed further. A vast majority of titles on My Real Games are totally free to play gaming, and most games can be enjoyed fully without ever having to pay a penny. We have games that can be played online, as well as titles available for mobile devices so children can still have fun when playing on their parents mobile phones, without the heightened risk of any unknown purchases appearing on next month’s bill!”

My Real Games is updated regularly with fresh and exciting mobile titles, with a list of genres to choose from that is constantly growing. Both parents and children alike can find something fun to enjoy on the family friendly gaming platform.

Those who love the animal kingdom can guide the little lost chic back to her mother, being careful to avoid the walls and the dangerous foxes in Baby Chick Maze, while kids who like to pamper their pets can wash, groom and treat their furry friends at My Pet Spa. For a pocket sized puzzle, children can help the kitty in Bubble Meadow match all the bubbles in the right colours to clear the field, allowing more room to play!

Fans of the intergalactic will head to the moon with Go Rocket, where the race is on to blast into outer space faster than the speed of light! Once landed, the player switches from space man to alien in UFO Run, where an extra-terrestrial castle is waiting to be explored…

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MyRealGames is one of the USA’s premier free online gaming sites. All games are fully licensed for PCs, have unlimited gameplay time and are 100% free. The site offers a diverse range of genres meaning there is something for every online gaming lover.