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Free Games Site My Real Starts Year With A Flurry Of New Titles

January 24, 2013

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The popular free games download site, has started the New Year with a flurry of activity as it confirms a brand new games drop for January. It has added a series of newly released games across many of its most popular genres, including a number of new hidden object games and a selection of free puzzle games, to its existing library of titles.

As one of the web's most popular gaming destinations, expects to welcome a record number of users this year. After growing at an unprecedented rate in 2013, the most recent additions to the site have been made as part of its pledge to continue to provide the best free games download experience available anywhere online.

Nikolai Veselov from said, "User download statistics from the latter half of last year show that hidden object games and free puzzle games were increasingly in demand. We saw a real spike, particularly in the period from September to December in the popularity of games like the Three Musketeers Secrets: Constance's Mission which we added at the start of December and In Search of the Lost Temple which is a hidden object game which was added to the site just before the Christmas holidays".

"We pride ourselves on offering the best selection of downloadable free games and that means offering a constant supply of new titles, in the genres that most appeal to site users. Because of this, we keep a keen eye on trends and user behavior spikes and tailor the titles we add to the site accordingly. We're really excited by the choice and quality of the new games that we are adding the January and think they are the perfect start to the New Year!"

The first of the incoming titles to hit the site is the Mystery of Mortlake Mansion. A PC downloadable hidden object game, it is available on site now in both the puzzle and hidden object categories. An absorbing game perfect for questing fans, Mystery of Mortlake Mansion promises hours of fun for novices and experienced questers alike. It is set over 34 locations, offers users no less than 30 mini games to enjoy and challenges gamers to find a massive 700 different items in total. Visitors to the site are invited to explore the dark rooms of the house and discover the secrets that haunt the eerie mansion, meet the talking raven and the Spirit, the enigmatic captives of the mansion. Those up to the challenge must confront the insidious lord, break the evil spells and set the captives free to be rewarded with ownership of the beautiful mansion.

Also making its debut on the site this month is Jigsaw Boom, a PC puzzle game. With ambient sound and awesome graphics,'s full version of this challenging puzzle, card and board download promises hours of puzzling fun. Players must use all of their skills to solve a number of puzzles in the shortest time possible. A number of customization options mean the game can be tailored to suit individual experience, including the choice of 12 piece puzzles to bumper 850 puzzle brain teasers.

For those who like their gaming challenges with a side of history, The Lost Inca Prophecy is a PC downloadable Match-3 and Hidden Object game set in the times of the Incas. Acua has been having vivid dreams of the New World, and wakes up to find she has drawn a map of a place she has never been to! Travel to the New World and help Acua prevent a devastating prophecy from occurring, restore demolished temples, and save the Inca civilization! The Lost Inca Prophecy can only be deciphered and understood using your Match 3 skills, and by following Acua's mysterious dreams! There are nearly 200 original levels to solve, a number of hidden objects strewn over 16 bonus levels and a choice of three puzzle modes - swap, group and chain.

A second Match-3 Hidden Object title also makes its debut this month in the form of The Lost Kingdom Prophecy. Players are called upon to help Serena and her friends to save the Kingdom of Rosefal from the evil wizard, Balaak, and prevent the occurrence of a long-forgotten prophecy! The game is set over 190 unique match 3 boards, is noted for its amazing game play and offers 16 special hidden object scenes for those up to the challenge.

Finally, for those who like their brain teasers to be accompanied by high octane action, there is the action, sports and racing game, Dead Paradise. Gamers must use all of their skills and daring to navigate a city floored by a technological catastrophe. Negotiating the perilous streets is the only way to earn a ticket to the safety zone 'Paradise' and the chance of survival. Over five hours of gaming are set over a challenging eleven levels. The game shop offers upgrades for engines, wheels and weapons - ideal for those determined to reach Paradise.

Mr Veselov added, "Although we have already added several brand new games to the site this month, we are constantly developing our library of free games and will continue to make even more titles available as the month progresses. We want all of our gamers to find a new favourite each time they visit and have some very exciting new additions lined up for the next few weeks".

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