Free PC Games Home Beefs Up Several of Its Free Games Genres with New Titles Planned For March

March 21, 2013

Free games website

Free games website has announced exciting new plans to bolster a number of its ten games genres this month. It has revealed that its March schedule is packed with a series of exciting new games releases, all scheduled to take place over the course of the next few weeks. Several new titles will be added across a range of its most popular gaming categories, prompted by huge levels of visitor demand.

In this wave of much anticipated additions to the burgeoning free games hub, the team will bolster the hidden object games, pool games and free card games categories. Nikolai Veselov from said, "While is widely recognized as being one of the best places on the web to play games for free online, we are careful not to get complacent. We know that our visitors come back because we offer such a wide selection of games and they rely on us to have new games that they can enjoy on their next visit."

"We have dedicated March to expanding our hidden object, card and pool games because of unprecedented levels of user demand in these genres. Throughout the last two months we have seen games such as Mystery of Mortlake Mansion and The Witch's Green Amulet be incredibly well received but we have also noted that older games from the archives like 8 Ball Frenzy and Billiard Masters continue to be hugely popular. We will be making at least a handful of new games in these categories available in March as part of our push to offer the biggest and best selection of titles anywhere online. We'll also continue to keep a close eye on online gaming trends so that we can be first off the mark when it comes to adding amazing new games that everyone wants to play."

One of the unique things about MyRealGames is that it allows its visitors to play games in full online with no registration or log in required. Users can download games to the PC if they prefer and enjoy unlimited game play around the clock.

One of the very latest titles that these users will be able to enjoy is Free 8 Ball Pool, a PC downloadable free game that hits the site this week. Available to download from the sports and card and board game categories, this full version of Free 8 Ball Pool is played with no time limits. It offers various levels of difficulty to keep even seasoned players coming back for more as their skill level improves and gives a save game function so there is no frustrating trip right back to the beginning at the end of each gaming session. Players can create their own special billiards table before breaking and can view each shot from a choice of angles.

Newly added to the free card games category is the PC downloadable Strike Solitaire. It went live on the site on March 14 and has already racked up impressive download stats. Solitaire is one of the world's most popular card games and for good reason - so Strike Solitaire is built on those very foundations. As the name suggests Strike Solitaire combines the eternally popular card game with a second eternally popular pastime- ten pin bowling. Recalling memories of hours spent at the alley, Strike Solitaire is a bowling / solitaire combo which requires the user to remove cards of the same rank, with no regard to their suite. Each frame requires the player to match and clear a group of cards. The better the board is cleared the higher the pin count. For those who clear an entire board, a strike is awarded. There are a whopping 120 unique levels to be challenged in Strike Solitaire, with more than four hours of game play and four different areas to enjoy.

Despite having just hit the site on the 16th March 2013, Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign is also racking up new fans in short order. The hidden object game calls on every nuance of the gamers' skill to solve a complex and challenging selection of wonderful puzzles - each more perplexing than the last. Set to a gripping backdrop, players must help the intrepid James Voodoo in his investigation, taking part in a brain-twisting mystery and help to save the city and all of its inhabitants from a deadly attack by evil monsters. Players must travel with James and accompany him from the forsaken hamlet of Ravenhill to the richest city in the world, Richtown. Travelling by ship and even by a huge military airship, Voodoo is searching for the secret of the lost tribe. Together, the player and the detective must solve the puzzle of the mysterious stranger who appears everywhere, and find out the story of a charming beauty named Kitty.

Making its MyRealGames debut on March 19, Hexus is a PC downloadable puzzle and match 3 game with hidden object challenges. Set in ancient Egypt, the gripping match 3 endeavor calls on skills at every level with brain teasing memory tasks and hidden-object puzzles. In order to successfully complete their mission, players must rebuild Egypt to its ancient-day splendor and rule the stories city of Hexus. Along the way, gamers must navigate myriad unique levels, flexing their problem solving skills and locating hidden objects en-route to develop new structures in the majestic land. Hexus is filled with mini-games which give the user a chance to earn trophies and special power ups.

Nikolai Veselov added, "We're very excited about the new titles that will be added this month and are sure that our visitors will enjoy the challenges they present. They have been carefully chosen and we are sure, will make wonderful new additions to their three parent categories."

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