Beetle Bomp

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Beetle Bomp

Shooting Match 3 Puzzle

Experimental electricity-eating Beetles have been released from a top secret laboratory. Sling colorful bugs at each other
to make sets of three and then catch their sparks to prevent an infestation. Journey from the city to countryside while dealing with bees, butterflies, centipedes, and persnickety hard-shell bugs. Hilarious animations follow Lyle the electrician and Martina the insect expert as they try to solve the buggy mystery before the lights go out for good!

System Requirements

OS: Windows XP/Vista/Win7

Processor: Pentium or better

RAM: 64 MB or more


Game Features

Over 125 unique levels

Enjoy Classic style play or be electrified by Quest mode

Cinematic animated story, with stunning graphics and captivating music

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