Jojo's Fashion Show

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Jojo's Fashion Show


Can you mix and match elegant outfits for the runway? Jojo’s Fashion Show has a colorful challenge that involves creating stunning outfits from an available wardrobe. This vibrant dress-up game allows you to customize your characters however you wish so they can strut in the fashion show.


This game will unleash your inner fashionista even if you allow your fashion sense to condense into comfortable outfits. Are you ready to enjoy this PC game for free? MyRealGames has got you covered!


Game Features:

  • 50+ exciting different levels
  • 1000+ stylish outfits
  • 100+ unique clothing items and accessories to unlock
  • Explore new gorgeous clothing styles
  • Design original outfits and improve your fashion IQ
  • Travel to different cities worldwide
  • Fast-paced gameplay with lighthearted fun
  • Experiment with real fashion styles, including Royal Casual and Gothic Lolita
  • Bonuses, rewards, and coins to collect
  • Cool, captivating graphics



The game’s objective is to dress your models as fashionably as possible to achieve a bridal, summer, or racy look. Then, you must present them on the runway to determine whether your fashion taste is up to par.

Based on pattern recognition, you must achieve your goal by considering these three factors:

  • A Model: You must dress them in a certain style
  • Resources: You’ll have different types of clothing items and accessories
  • Time Limit: You must create a fashionable look for your model within a given time

You’ll tour the world—from Japan, Barcelona, Milan, Paris, to New York—in this fast-paced dress-up and time management game. As you create vibrant outfits for the lifelike models, you’ll soon realize that the backstage drama is real, and fair-weather friends could quickly turn into ruthless enemies in the blink of an eye.   


Cheat Sheet for Jojo’s Fashion Show

Of course, we couldn’t offer this lovely game free for download onto your PC without providing info on how to best enjoy it! Here’s what you should know for a more fulfilling gameplay:

  • Bonus Specials: When you achieve a certain score, you might unlock various specials, sometimes. Use these specials regularly because when you have five and leave them unused while earning other specials, they’re wasted. You’ll get no bonus for leftover specials after completing a level.
  • Bonus Points: Whenever you can, send all three models out simultaneously and use different clothing styles. Put on your thinking and creative cap to achieve this. For example, if you have a western and a hippie model, dress them both and send out one after the other; this will give you a succession bonus and a double western combo, and the likelihood of a growing combo.
  • Accessories:  Although accessories offer a great bonus to your outfits, they’re more useful when they match your model’s style. Of course, a +300 bonus is way better than a +50 bonus. A golden rule in fashion is never to use too many accessories, but this game demands using all available ones on the last model.
  • The Fashion Rules: Always observe the fashion rules to get the most out of the bonuses. When your models follow one or more of the rules, you can get a bonus ranging from 50-300. However, not all models are going to get these bonuses.


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Get Jojo’s Fashion Show for Free!

Do you want to create stylish outfits for your models and help Jojo Cruz reclaim her title as the “Mistress of Mix”? Will you help the mother-daughter duo conquer different runways around the world? At MyRealGames, we offer Jojo’s Fashion Show free of charge, so download the game without paying a cent!

What are you waiting for? Let’s see if your fashion sense is stunning enough for the world stage in this amazing PC game.

System Requirements

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8

CPU: 800 Mhz

RAM: 256 MB


Game Features

Assemble stylish outfits

Unlock unique accessories

Explore new clothing styles

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