City Racing

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City Racing

Shooting Car

Do you yearn to play a racing game with all the bells and whistles, including a mini-map to locate races, parking spots, garages, and events—and even evade the cops? Get all that and more from our City Racing PC game.

Buckle up, grab your steering wheel, and hit the virtual streets! Brace yourself for the thrill as you go by the famous metropolis, taking in all the heart-pounding activity. But we must warn you that driving above the speed limit can get you pulled over by the authorities. If this does happen, worry not! There are tricks you can use to escape the long arm of the law.


Key Features

Some of City Racing's key features include:

  • Open-world environment (a vast cityscape filled with various landmarks, streets, and shortcuts)
  • Customizable vehicles
  • Dynamic races
  • Realistic physics and graphics

The Gameplay

The options for fun are limitless. Whether you want to experience the adrenaline rush of engaging in illegal street racing or the elegance of navigating the streets as a professional taxi driver, this game offers diverse experiences to cater to all preferences. Winning thrilling races or driving a taxi can earn you cash, which you can use to level up your ride or splash out on a brand-new, turbo-charged beast!

A friendly reminder! Stay safe while racing and avoid accidents or collisions with motorists or pedestrians to avoid attracting the police’s attention. However, finding yourself occasionally in a sticky situation with law enforcement can be unavoidable. Here’s a pro tip! Why waste time evading those flashy lights when you can embrace the opportunity to revamp your car at a trendy paint shop for a stunning makeover?


The Storyline

At the start of the game, you must take your damaged car to a knowledgeable mechanic who’ll give you a breakdown of the game's items and difficulties. The whole city is at your fingertips, and occasionally, you'll experience the exciting world of Underground Street racing when participating in an illicit racing event.

Earning components for upgrading your machine is essential for climbing the ranks, and winning races is the only way to achieve it. Destroying police vehicles also unlocks rewards in the game. You can buy upgrades that modify your vehicle's engine, tires, body, and gearbox when you've accumulated enough virtual currency. You also have the option to purchase a brand-new car. With an upgraded or brand-new car, the game remains interesting for long hours as it will not appear boring or repetitious. An upgrade also gives you an edge in a race over your competitors.

The City Racing PC game offers two different racing modes. If you’re good at time management and looking to enjoy challenges that test your ability to manage your time wisely, you may like racing against the clock. On the other hand, street racing is perfect if you thrive when competing against others.


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System Requirements

Windows /XP/Vista/7

Processor 1.7 Ghz or better

256 Mb RAM

DirectX 9.0


Game Features

Explore a big city

Buy new upgrades for your car

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