Virtual Villagers: A New Home

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Virtual Villagers: A New Home

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Virtual Villagers: A New Home – Civilization made digital!

Virtual Villagers: A New Home is a puzzle and strategy game, developed by an independent video developer and publisher called Last

Day of Work that was released July 18, 2006.The game is based upon the story of a group of villagers who had to leave their previous island home after a volcanic eruption. After fleeing by boat the villagers land on the shores of a new island that they name Isola where they must start their civilization anew. Help the villagers to plant crops, build homes and learn to survive on their new home and to put in an added twist, solve the puzzles of the new island and make strategic decisions regarding surprising and unpredictable island events in order for your villagers to create a successful new home. You can also download Virtual Villagers - The Lost Children, if you find yourself getting totally involved in village life!

There are four portions to the island in Virtual Villagers: A New Home each with their own puzzles and strategic decisions to be made. You must help the villagers to unclog streams, build cemeteries and places of worship and learn new skills to help them become farmer, builders and scientists. The main goal is for the villagers to give birth to a child who has a full set of five skills. At this point, a cave will open and reveal the starting point for the second game! Sounds good? We have a range of other time management games for you to get to grips with available for download too!

Features of Virtual Villagers: A New Home

There are several reasons that Virtual Villagers: A New Home is so popular, and we’ve listed some of the main features below to allow you to see exactly what this game has to offer:

· Create your own village

· Teach your villagers to learn new skills

· Different island zones

· Puzzles and decisions to overcome

· Hundreds of unique and different villagers

· Unpredictable island events

· Daily updates with something different happening each time you log on

We’re sure you’ll love village life, so why not download Virtual Villagers and create your own civilization today?

System Requirements

OS: WindowsXP/Vista/Win7

Processor: 700 MHz

RAM: 96 MB


Game Features

Real-Time: new surprises every time you turn the game on

Hundreds of unique villagers

Unique and unpredictable “Island Events” to keep you on your toes

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