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Day D: Time Mayhem


Onwards to the past! Learn the real power of science! To be armed with knowledge is to
be armed and very dangerous! No horde of dinosaurs can trample the time machine you tripped into history with. Build towers, collect resources, use the power of the scientific method and you will surely manage to return to your time!

System Anforderungen

Windows 7/XP/Vista

Processor 1 GHz

256 MB RAM


Spiel Funktionen

The technologies of the future against fossilized species!

Fight against thousands of enemies!

Fearsome weapons and unique opponents!

Excellent game balance!


Alle unsere PC-Spiele wurden als Freeware von anderen Spieleherstellern lizenziert oder vom internen Game Studio entwickelt.

>Keine Raubkopien, 100% legale Spiele.