Bubble Shooter Classic

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Bubble Shooter Classic

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Let's pause and express genuine appreciation for Bubble Shooter Classic. Numerous exceptional bubble shooters have drawn inspiration from this iconic game, which stands the test of time. Since its inception in the 1990s, this game has enthralled gamers worldwide! It’s a perfect mix of exhilarating arcade gameplay and ingenious strategic challenges. 


Do you want to play a challenging game that will really wow you? Get ready to burst all those bubbles and experience the excitement firsthand!


Game Features

  • A new bubble shooter that includes some additional features
  • The Sight power-up allows you to nail targets perfectly
  • The Bomb power-up allows you to destroy many bubbles at once
  • Double the fun! (the more bubbles you pop, the more points you’ll get)
  • Beginner-friendly, so everyone can play it easily
  • Endless gameplay
  • Amass the most points, dominate the game, and become the best player ever!

The Gameplay

This title features classic elements like rows of great-colored candies and a shooter in the form of an arrow. Your goal is to remove all the candy-colored bubbles from your white playfield in sets of matching colors at a time. But while at it, you must clear them out in groups of threes.


You can line up a shot with the game's purple pointing arrow. You must ensure the colorful projective bubbles you fire perfectly land on the white playfield to win. The game will put the projectile just beneath the arrow, provide a preview of the subsequent missile in the bottom corner, and generate identical bubbles whenever you form a line or set of threes of one color. If this occurs, adjacent, lower-level bubbles that don’t match will vanish from the game board.


On the right side of your screen, you should see the number of points that this classic game awards. Clearing many bubbles simultaneously yields the most awards. However, the game will punish you if you fail to finish a string of consecutive matches.


The game will automatically generate more bubbles on the playfield and introduce an extra row if the silver bubbles to the left of the shooter disappear. When this happens, the number of available bubbles will reset, but there are occasions when the game doesn’t successfully reset all of them.


Game Controls

Bubble Shooter Classic has some of the easiest controls you can find. Once you've zeroed in on your target and are prepared to destroy it, just hit the left mouse button to launch a brilliant bubble at the cluster. With each click, you inch closer to that monumental triumph! These very user-friendly controls will have you soaring through the bubble-popping frenzy like a pro in no time, regardless of your skill level!


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System Requirements

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/10

CPU: 500 Mhz

RAM: 128 MB


Game Features

New bubble shooter with new features

Easy to play for everyone

Endless gameplay

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