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Zombie Shooter


Zombie Shooter ‚Äď Fight the undead, find the cause

Zombie Shooter for the PC is a fast paced shooter game where you must make your way through each level, killing zombies.

The story of the game is that a deadly virus has broken out and infected all of the scientists at a research center and is beginning to spread throughout the city. You must make your way through each level killing zombies and trying to find the cause of the infection. The game gets progressively harder as you get closer to your end goal of finding out what really happened at the research center and you must make your way to the evacuation center and join the battle for survival. Just point your mouse at a zombie and shoot to kill. Love the concept, but not sure about zombies or want to shoot something different from time to tome? Zombie shooter is just one of our action games available for download ‚Äď we also have games such as Alien Shooter or Operation Anti-Terror! Zombie Shooter itself however has been developed by Sigma-Team and has become a firm favorite with many PC users for its shooting style gameplay and easy to follow maps.

How to play Zombie Shooter

While you are playing Zombie Shooter you will have the option to perform tasks alongside your main mission to earn money that you can spend buying and upgrading weapons and ammo. You can also find new weapons on certain levels hidden away in boxes you need to break open. The levels get increasingly harder as you battle an ever increasing amount of zombies, find your way around complex levels and come face to face with mega-zombies who have laser guns and rocket launchers. Zombie Shooter is a top down shooter experience so you have an aerial view of the action. You earn XP from shooting open crates and killing zombies, which you can use to rank up your 4 skill levels

Features of Zombie Shooter

Still not convinced Zombie Shooter is for you. Her we list the main features of Zombie Shooter that you will be able to experience whilst playing this great action shooter game.

· Fast paced zombie killing action

· 10 different types of weapon

· Global maps with extra challenges

· Full-featured game story

· Able to upgrade skills and weapons

· Increased difficulty

· Realistic sound effects

With all this, and addictive gameplay, it’s no wonder everyone’s downloading Zombie Shooter for PC.

Configugation du système

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7

Processor: 600 MHz

RAM: 256 Mb


Caractéristiques du jeu

10 types of weapons

Upgrade available arms with the money earned

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